Blacks Beach, San Diego, CA

A Picture of Blacks Beach in California

Cahill Policy Cancelled

No longer is it a safe haven for nude sunbathing, swimming, volleyball.

Blacks Beach in San Diego, California: when I visited was an easy-going nude (clothing optional) beach. The legal status of this beach is complicated regarding nudity. It has something to do with the Cahill Policy.

When I was visiting Blacks Beach in the Fall of 2007, men on hang gliders would drift down from the cliffs and disrobe completely;
then go for a walk along the miles of beautiful sand.

The visitors from out-of-town are cheerful. They will ask you to take photos of them with their camaras to have momentos of
a beautiful time at a magnificent beach.

Google Map Blacks Beach

Unfortunately, On Friday, October 23, 2009, “The California Supreme Court has left standing a Fourth District Court of Appeal ruling rejecting a challenge to the state‚Äôs policy preventing nude sunbathing at a beach in San Diego County.”

Thus there is no more Cahill Policy. And there will continue to be a crack-down. And no more nude sun bathing. This is the text of the actual State Supreme decision not to review the ruling that upheld the State Park’s decision to revoke the Cahill Policy.” -This link is to a terrific naturist blog and explains further the assault on the Cahill policy and how it endangers the naturist experience at all parks in the state of California.

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