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From the Editor: 11-20-2010

I can hardly believe that another year is about to expire and will soon leave us at the cusp of 2011! This project, the Nudist section of Texas Travel and Leisure, and the online magazine in its entirety has changed and improved over the course of this year. I hope to have the honor of your readership over the next twelve months, as presenting free-thinking ideas has been a pleasure for me.

I like to imagine the world as I would like it to be. In a way, once one starts questioning it, one has departed already. And improving our present location is a very real journey in itself, with time to measure our progress. We put a little more distance between us and our present, as well as our present circumstance. This is not the best of all possible worlds by a long shot.

I would like to imagine that you are coming along.

I have tried to present the destinations, advice and information that make your leisure in the nude more enjoyable. In the case of Texas, it is an accomplishment just to make nude leisure possible. And sometimes, as our name says, Travel is the best option.

Hopefully, in our own small way, we have advanced the idea of body acceptance a little bit. And actually, what you do, and the ideas you entertain, have a bigger impact that you probably imagine.

Picture, for instance, what the South was like four decades ago, and then compare that to how it is today. You could say that it has “progressed.” And perhaps the very word of “progress”, and its meaning, are under attack for good reason. Can you imagine who would have this tactic?

the South didn’t change overnight, as there has been some improvement. And, as a friend once said: It would be unwise to think you could transform Houston into San Francisco. Indeed, the backlash alone would knock us into another galaxy.

But feeling that you have to settle into a groove of apathy or slow incremental-ism is an illusion. And it is an illusion that they (and you know who I mean) want you to believe. Can you imagine why someone’s agenda would be to prevent you from being yourself? Just thinking about the possible answers sheds light on the body of the subject.

Even the fog in San Francisco departs if you wait long enough. And I was always amazed at how bright the sunlight looked after that.

I sincerely thank you for indulging ideas that are hardly represented in the din of corporate propaganda. It is not sufficient merely to be young, but necessary to cling to your youthful ideas. A society may be governed by Democracy, but not if its populace is living in fear. And there is a reason why we all regress when the very notion of a thought is repressed.

First, to destroy progress, the very notion of it must be made impossible. Could you ever accomplish something you could never imagine? Progress begins with the very thought of it.

© All Rights Reserved. James Legare 11-20-2010

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Adult Male Skinny Dippers

Join Male Skinny Dippers

Join this group if you are Male, 18+, and enjoy swimming in the nude. You must show your age in your profile.

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Baker Beach, SF, CA

Baker Beach, SF, near the Golden Gate Bridge. Take the stairs to the South to access this mile lone strip of sand. Do not climb down the cliffs! Traditionally a spot for nudist gay men and straight women. Located in the Presidio. Take the 28 or 29 Muni Bus.

Baker Beach Golden Gate Bridge

The Nude Beach in San Francisco

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Florida Sawmill

Dade County, FL

Gay and Lesbian Nudist Camp Ground
Clothing-Optional Pool

  • Splash-Pool Bar w/ wi-fi zone
  • Surf the Net in the NUDE
  • 21710 US HWY 98
  • Dade City, FL