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The island city of Galveston, Texas, is the perfect LGBT-friendly oasis, complete with gorgeous beaches, historical architecture and a long list of fantastic restaurants and shops.

Located in southern Texas, this beautiful Victorian city is one of the most LGBT-friendly communities in Texas and can be the ideal vacation spot for any that choose to visit.

Find great LGBT friendly accommodation

When planning your trip to Galveston, Texas, take the time to look through the many LGBT welcoming lodging options available to you. Here are some spots to consider:

  • The Mermaid & Dolphin
    • Historic Bed and Breakfast
    • 1103-Thirty-Third Street
    • Galveston, TX, USA
    • 409-762-1561
  • Tremont House
    • 2300 Ships Mechanic Row
    • Galveston, TX, 77550
    • 409-763-0300
  • Paradise Guesthouse
    • 2317 Bernardo de Galvez
    • Galveston, TX, 77550
    • 409-762-6677

Spend a night out on the town

Once you�ve checked in and dropped your bags, it�s time to start experiencing Galveston life. With more than 100 restaurants sprinkled throughout the city, there are many excellent dining options in Galveston. You will find everything from casual to fine dining, and you can expect to see a lot of seafood and Cajun inspired cuisine on the menus. Why not try:

  • The Spot
    • Restaurant and Tiki Bar
    • 3204 Seawall Boulevard
    • 409-621-5237
  • Rudy and Paco
    • 2028 Post office Street (21st street)
    • Galveston, TX 77550
    • 409-762-3696
  • Gaido's Famous Seafood Restaurant
    • 3900 Seawall Blvd.
    • (409)762-9625

Then again, if you are looking for a little more excitement, the nightlife in Galveston is always bursting with activity.

Soak in the sun

The sandy gulf beaches of Galveston are hard to beat, so pack up your swimsuit, hat and sunblock and head down to the water to spend some much earned time in the sun.

Head for East Beach, the largest beach in Texas renowned for its high energy beach parties, or enter a sandcastle competition or volleyball tournament at Stewarts Beach.

  • East Beach
    • 1923 Boddeker Drive
    • Phone: (409)797-5111
  • Stewart Beach
    • 201 Seawall Blvd.
    • Phone: (409)797-5182

Slow down in Galveston

Rich in history and culture, Galveston is the perfect place for art and history enthusiasts.

Attend the Artwalk, a special event that takes place in Galveston every six weeks. Indulge in wine and cheese as you are guided through the streets of town and led into different shops and art galleries along the way.

Then, spend an afternoon horseback riding or even rent a carriage and take a tour of the historical homes (some over 175 years old).

There is something for everyone on the island of Galveston, TX, so pack your bags and head down for an amazing LGBT friendly vacation.





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Looking for a relaxed island getaway in an LGBT friendly environment? Galveston, Texas, an island located in the south of Texas, just might be the perfect match for you.

Only thirty-two miles long and two and a half miles wide, Galveston provides visitors with a little taste of small town serenity, only 40 minutes (by air) from Houston.

In Galveston you can spend your days enjoying the beaches, eating fresh seafood, getting in some shopping or simply soaking in the many historical sites that can be found around the island.

LGBT Friendly Lodging

While the entire city of Galveston is known to be relatively LGBT friendly, here are a few LGBT welcoming lodging options you may want to consider:

  • Avenue O B&B
    • 2323 Avenue, Galveston, TX
    • 77550, USA
  • Lost Bayou Guesthouse
    • 1607 Ave.L, Galveston, TX
    • 77550, USA
  • Sealy Suites
    • 1224 Sealy St, Galveston, TX
    • 77550, USA
  • The Commodore on the Beach
    • 3618 Seawall Boulevard
    • 77550, USA

Dining in Galveston

There are many great restaurants and cafes scattered throughout Galveston, and because it�s a coastal city, an abundance of fresh seafood can be found on many of the menus. Here are some spots to try:

  • Benno�s on the Beach
    • 1200 Seawall Blvd.
    • Phone: (409)762-4621
  • Mosquito Café
    • 628 14th Street Galveston
    • Galveston, Texas
    • Phone: +1 409 763 1010
  • Bistro LeCroy: Louisiana seafood restaurant
    • 2021 Strand
    • 409-762-4200
  • Clary�s Seafood Restaurant: Fine dining seafood restaurant
    • 8509 Teichman Road
    • 409-740-0771

LGBT Nightlife

If you are looking to go out and experience the Galveston nightlife, there are some exciting LGBT friendly options available. With everything from casual bars to dance clubs, Galveston will have the spot for you.

  • 3rd Coast
    • 2416 Postoffice St
    • 409-765-6911
  • The Pink Dolphin
    • 1828 Strand
    • 409-621-1808
  • Stars Beach Club
    • 3102 Seawall Blvd
    • 409-497-4113
  • Robert�s Lafitte
    • 2501 Ave. Q
    • 409-765-9092

Enjoy the island

There is a lot to do in Galveston no matter what your taste. With a thriving art community, Galveston has an assortment of art galleries and theaters including the Grand Opera House that has been standing since 1894.

But if live theater isn�t for you, try a trip to the Moody Gardens 3D theater that boasts a six story screen or take a stroll down to the infamous Galveston Pleasure Pier.

And for those looking to really slow down, spend your days savoring the beauty of Galveston�s sandy beaches and Victorian architecture.

So if you are looking for an island vacation spot without the grueling plane ride, plan a trip down to Galveston, Texas, an LGBT friendly hidden gem.



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One of the hottest vacation spots for gay men from Houston is Galveston. You'll find plenty of gay clubs, restaurants and guesthouses in the area. There is plenty of noshing and canoodling when you bring a date to one of the fabulous cafes or cool yogurt shops in Galveston. You might also want to catch the Splash Day celebration that happens every year on Stewart Beach.

Scratch your itch together at the Mosquito Cafe located on 14th Street. You'll both appreciate the casually friendly atmosphere at this health-conscious cafe. Feast on their thoughtfully prepared entrees and burgers. Everything on the menu is good from start to finish, including their delectable desserts with a cup of Joe.

Head to Post Office Street for a touch of elegant ambiance at Rudy and Paco. Experience the sensational South American flavor that can only be served up in a Texas restaurant. Make sure you dress to impress before you enter this upscale venue. Their menu includes a variety of steak and seafood choices that are sure to make your mouths water.

Simply named The Spot, another gathering place is located on Seawall Boulevard. It has a fantastic tropical atmosphere complete with a tiki bar and dining al fresco. Sit outside, nosh and people watch as the good-looking guys stroll by in Galveston. It is an ideal spot to be seen and keep your eye out for some attractive scenery.

Once you're all heated up from guy watching, you want to chill out with some frozen yogurt. Fortunately, Galveston has a few places to choose from. In fact, Seawall Boulevard is a mecca for sweet stuff and ice cream. You can visit the familiar Ben and Jerry's or Baskin Robbins for traditional faves. There is also the appealing Galveston Ice Cream Shop as well as Rita's Water Ice for a truly chilly treat.

If you're kicking back on Post Office Street, get authentic frozen yogurt at Yogurt Technologies. It's located in close proximity to Rudy and Paco, just in case you decide to take a stroll before dessert. You can also make the trip to Strand Street to experience the dessert delights served up at L.A. King's Confectionery. Satisfy yourself with ice cream and candy or just sip coffee, tea or a seductive smoothie.

Escape the heat of Houston to experience the welcoming environment at Galveston. It is a warm and inviting change of pace with plenty of gay-friendly places to hit during your stay. With all these places to unwind, you won't have to look far for a good time.


P Town

Affectionately referred to as P-town, Provincetown is located on the tip of Cape Cod, Mass. Besides its spectacular beaches and artistic vibe, it is also one of the ultimate vacation destinations for the LGBT community.

In the late 1800s, Provincetown was populated by many artists and writers. It also became a summer tourist hot spot. Early in the 20th century, an experimental theater called the Provincetown Players formed. It was an arty and intellectual connection to Greenwich Village in NYC.

By the 1970s, Provincetown had a thriving gay community. Transsexuals performed in the area as far back as the 1940s, and the Provincetown Business Guild started to promote gay tourism in 1978. The PBG has a membership of over 200 businesses today. It's easy to see why the LGBT community views Provincetown as one of their favorite summer getaways on the east coast.

Just Google bed and breakfast Provincetown to find several quaint places to stay. Visit Kayak to view ratings, search parameters and more. Click on the downward pins when a Google map appears, and choose the pin that corresponds to the address of the place where you want to stay. The map zooms in to show you the street view, just like a close-up road map of sorts.

Travelocity is a helpful site many travelers turn to for easy answers. Simply click on hotels, and then type in your destination. A wealth of resources appears to help you make a decision about where you prefer to stay during your Provincetown escape.

Before you perform an online search, review your budget and consider how many days you want to stay. Often search sites want a timeframe because they will present prices based on where and when you stay in Provincetown. This helps you find a good place to stay that won't break the bank.

Consider whether you need to stay near a certain place of interest. Also, think about whether the cost of accommodations and the hassle of parking are worth the location. Find out if there are decent places to eat near your desired destination.

There are many cultural places of interest in Provincetown. The Atlantic House is one of the oldest gay bars in the United States. The Art House features a variety of entertainers including Ms. CoCo Peru. The Fantasia Fair in October welcomes transvestites, transsexuals and transgenders from around the country.

Do a Google search to find out more about LGBT accommodations and attractions in Provincetown. You can also visit websites such as Gay Cities to find out what is happening and where to stay.


Two major reasons why the LGBT community loves to visit the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, Texas (MFAH), aside from its fabulous exhibits, is its distinguished director, Gary Tinterow, and its proximity to the robust Houston GLBT Community Center.

More about Gary Tinterow and MFAH

Gary Tinterow took over as director of MFAH in January 2012. A Harvard graduate who was formerly a curator for years at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, Tinterow is one of a few gay directors who head a United States museum. He plans to finalize the contemporary new art building adjacent to the Cullen Scripture Garden and the Glassell School of Art, and attract the most impressive art exhibits to the museum.

Current MFAH Exhibits

There are amazing exhibits happening at MFAH that you won't want to miss. The work of top artists is on display with a chance to view some pieces that have rarely been shown.

April 15 to July 8, 2012 � Drawings by Rembrandt, His Students and Circle, in the Beck Building, features a drawing from the private collections of Rembrandt. Many have never been published or exhibited so this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

April 22 to August 5, 2012 � Modern and Contemporary Masterworks from Malba - Fundaci�n Costantini, also in the Beck Building, is part of an exchange between MFAH and the Museum of Latin American Art in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Paintings from some of the region's finest artists are on display including Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo and Wifredo Lam.

June 3 to September 3, 2012 � Rembrandt, Van Dyck, Gainsborough: The Treasures of Kenwood House, London, in the Beck Building, showcases 48 masterpiece paintings from the Iveagh Bequest collection.

June 10 to September 23, 2012 � Unrivalled Splendor: The Kimiko and John Powers Collection of Japanese Art, in the Law Building, shows some of the earliest works of Buddhist art in Japan, and features fantastic sculptures, scroll paintings, lacquer objects, calligraphy, sketches and screens.

MFAH Places of Interest

Other places of interest with rotating exhibits at MFAH you should not miss include:

  • The Caroline Wiess Law Building and Audrey Jones Beck Building on the Main Campus also feature a cafe, shop, library, theater and the Kinder Foundation Education Center;
  • The Glassell School of Art offers classes, workshops and a residency program for postgraduates;
  • The Cullen Scripture Garden is a stunning urban oasis done by Isamu Noguchi with contemporary and modern sculpture by greats such as Matisse;
  • The Bayou Bend Collection & Gardens is the former home of Ima Hogg and features organic gardens, an education center, a tour and retail items;
  • Rienzi is the museum of European decorative arts with gardens, collections, tours, social events, music and family-friendly fun;
  • The Works on Paper Study Center in the Beck Building features photos, drawings and prints that can be viewed by appointment.

Defend your rights.

Marriage, Adoption, Visitation and legal recognition.

GLBT-Petition -Please click on the link to print and sign the GLBT Petition. (PDF Version)

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Frameline is a non-profit who's mission is to srengthen the diverse Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community and further its visibility by supporting and promoting a broad array of cultural representations and artistic expressions in film, video and other media arts.

Lane Lewis

By Tina Rulewicz

In reference to leadership, Harris County Democratic Party (HCDP) Chair Lane Lewis maintains, �[I]t�s a difficult thing leading people, it�s a difficult thing.� And yet, such positions have providentially found Lewis throughout his career. From social work to Marketing Director for �Partners in Recovery� to Executive Director of the Aids Equity League (AEL), even at a young age, Lane Lewis possessed the attributes associated with true leadership: genuine intent; integrity; focus; organization; and, follow-through.

Influenced by Ray Hill and Annise Parker, Lewis became integrated in politics and served as Youth Constituent Leader for Stonewall 25 and then as Director of the �Direct Action Working Group� for the same cause. Additionally, he held a position on the board of the Gay and Lesbian Political Caucus in Houston and served one term as President of the Caucus.

Then, Lewis took a break from Politics. During this time period, he finished his Bachelor�s Degree and also received a Masters Degree in Education. But, Harris County and Texas needed Lane Lewis. His involvement in helping overturn the insidious and antiquated State sodomy law 21.06 inspired his inevitable return to the political arena.

In 2009, Lewis ran for and lost an extremely close race for City Councilman. He organized and ran a savvy campaign and very much may have won if it wasn�t for a last minute desperate negative mail ad run by his opponent�s supporters attacking him for being gay. Undeterred, Lewis was soon after elected Chair of Senate District 15.

Last month, Lane Lewis was re-elected as Harris County Democratic Party Chair. Venomous attacks on his homosexuality soiled the campaign and in response, Lewis says, �I stayed out of it. I stayed on message and it worked.� Both classy and impressive, the better and more appropriate candidate won. And now, his goal as HCDP Chair focuses on involvement from precinct chairs, elected officials, and constituents. In order to elevate the party profile, all must work together.

Lane Lewis daily serves the people he represents, whether he�s speaking to a group of people or looking for ways to bring people together for projects. In order to bring everyone together and move forward and make Harris County a true Democratic force, Lewis says it best, �[W]e have to start moving away from identity politics and moving towards advocacy politics. In other words, I�m not involved because I�m interested in gay issues. I�m not involved because I�m interested in black issues. I�m not involved because I�m interested in Latino issues. I�m involved because I care about education; I care about health care, immigration, the environment. Those are advocacy issues.�

These are the words of a true leader.

As Texas Goes...is BIG

Much like Texas itself, Gail Collins� new book �As Texas Goes� is a big deal. It makes a big statement about a state that puts much of its worth into the concept that bigger is better. Collins expresses how these types of gigantic stereotypes are slowly creeping around the country and taking over rational thinking.

Collins was the first woman to hold the position of Editorial Page Editor for the New York Times from 2001 through 2007. She also wrote the power-packed book, �When Everything Changed: The Amazing Journey of American Women from 1960 to the Present.� Clearly Collins tackles political controversy and evolution with enthusiasm and aplomb.

�As Texas Goes� is filled with amusing anecdotes. Collins speculates about their obsession with the Alamo, reminding everyone that Mexico won. She pokes playfully at an array of Texas politicians ranging from Rick Perry to George W. Bush. Collins admits her budding interest in the Lone Star state was fueled by a headline sent by a friend, �Man Allegedly Beat Woman with Frozen Armadillo.�

Beyond the quipping, Collins also uses humor to make several political points about an oppressively conservative Texas agenda where law and religion seem to be enmeshed. She mentions the lack of adequate sex education in the state based on a religious agenda that encourages abstinence. Texas has one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in the country. Collins also cites a sex education curriculum that has a teacher construct an 18-foot model called, �Speedy the Sperm� to show how condoms allegedly fail to guard against STDs.

On a serious note, Collins expresses how this conservative agenda is a concern for everyone as Texas ideals creep across the nation. The intertwining of religious beliefs with law has an impact on sexual behavior across the board, including the LGBT community and same sex marriage. Through humor, the book seeks to inspire Texans to become more progressive and open-minded.

Collins expresses her concern the Texas model is threatening to turn the nation's economy into two tiers � the failing underclass and the silver cronies on top. Sexual judgments, a creaky educational system and inequality are problems for Texas that impact the rest of the country. She feels Texas has a lot to do with where the country is heading. It's a worrisome thought that could inhibit the recent progression the LGBT community has seen with regard to important issues such as sodomy and same sex marriage. Liberals have to remember Mexico won the Alamo and we can win these struggles, too.


Downtown Houston

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